A Complete Guide to Slot Bonuses

Slots are by far the most popular game featured by online casinos around the world. What makes them special is that playing them is fun and they come with several impressive features. Aside from that, slots are also known to offer players pretty decent payouts. Among the different types of video slots that you will find in the lobby of an online casino include progressive jackpot slots, classic slots, branded slots, multi-payline slots, multiplier slots and 3D slots. This guide will explain the different bonuses that you can claim playing slots. If you're looking for the best online casinos to join, visit http://www.online-casino-games.org .

In-game Bonuses in Slots

If you are familiar with slots, then you will know that the developers of the game often include bonus features in them that players can trigger at any time. These bonuses are referred to as in-game slot bonuses. One of the common in-game slot bonuses is free spins. It is often triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels of the game at the same time. Free spins give players a chance to play extra rounds in a slot without wagering their money, and anything they win from the free spins is theirs to keep without fulfilling any wagering requirement.

In addition to free spins, developers can also include a Multiplier feature in their video slots. Just as the name implies, when this bonus feature is triggered, it will multiply the winnings of a player by a specified number. Most online slots also come with a wild symbol, which is a special symbol that is capable of replacing all other symbols on the grid of the game except for the scatter symbols. When triggered, it helps players land a winning combination easier. You can check the different bonus features that have been included in a slot by simply clicking on the "i" button of the game.

Online Casino Bonuses for Slots

Aside from the impressive bonus features that a developer includes in its video slot, online casinos can also offer players bonuses that they can claim and use to play slot games. Among the common bonuses that casino sites offer gamblers is the welcome bonus. This bonus is given to new players that join a casino for the first time. It can be given as a match bonus where players will get a percentage of the deposit that they made as a bonus, and they can use it to play some video slot games that the casino permits them to.

  • Slot bonuses can be in-game bonuses or casino bonuses
  • Casino bonuses for slots have terms and conditions that govern how to win from them.

Top online casinos also offer free spins to their players. Free spins are bonuses that can be used on only video slot games. They work in a similar way like the in-game free spins, in that they allow you to play more rounds in a video slot for free. When claiming online casino bonuses to use on slots, you should have it at the back of your mind that there are certain terms and conditions that you have to consider. Most casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement which tells you how many times you must bet the bonus to keep your winnings.

Summary and Conclusion

So far, we've shed light on what slot bonuses are and the two different types of slot bonuses that you can claim. Remember that in-game slot bonuses are included within the games themselves and it can be triggered when players perform a specific action such as landing special symbols in a particular order. As for online casino bonuses for slots, they are offered by casinos and they come in numerous forms including welcome bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, cashback bonuses and so on. Don't forget that when claiming casino bonuses to use on slots, you need to consider the terms and conditions that apply.

Last modified: 22 July 2021